Murray-Bruce, Omokri support Fidelity Bank, urge Nigerians to buy its stock

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Former Senator Ben Murray-Bruce and ex-presidential aide Reno Omokri have both expressed strong endorsements for Fidelity Bank, encouraging Nigerians to invest in its stocks.

Over the weekend, both figures independently reviewed the bank’s financial health and concluded that it is sound, urging their followers to consider investing in its stocks as a safeguard against inflation eroding the value of the naira. This endorsement comes in response to concerns raised by a Bloomberg article that suggested potential issues within the bank, which the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has since refuted, affirming the bank’s stability.

Reno Omokri, in a recent video, addressed the inflation challenges facing Nigeria and advised citizens to move their savings into the stock market, highlighting Fidelity Bank as a viable investment despite earlier referencing it as a troubled institution based on Bloomberg’s inaccurate report. Omokri clarified that after further review, he found the bank to be stable and in good standing, aligning with the CBN’s statement. He emphasized the importance of supporting Fidelity Bank and assured his followers and paid subscribers of its financial health.

Similarly, Ben Murray-Bruce, chairman of the Silverbird Group, echoed Omokri’s confidence in Fidelity Bank. He reassured the public of the bank’s stability, citing his own decision to invest more in its stocks. Murray-Bruce praised Omokri’s financial insights and the CBN’s affirmation of the bank’s soundness. Both leaders urged Nigerians to invest in Fidelity Bank as a reliable option amid economic uncertainties, reinforcing their trust in the bank’s financial strength.

Source: The Sun

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