Sacked CBN Employees Seek Reinstatement

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A group of recently dismissed employees from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is challenging the manner of their termination, calling for their immediate reinstatement. They accuse the CBN management of maltreatment and injustice, noting that many of them had not received their entitlements prior to dismissal.

The sacked employees argue that their termination violated the bank’s human resource rules and policy, leading to widespread concern about the transparency and fairness of the process.

Paul Dekete, North Central Coordinator of the Conference of Autochthonous Ethnic Communities Development Association Youth Wing, issued a statement on Sunday, highlighting the abrupt and unjust nature of the dismissals. He pointed out that the purge affected not only high-level executives but also Deputy and Assistant Directors who were integral to the bank’s operations. For instance, a Director overseeing crucial IT projects and efforts to secure international security certifications was terminated on the very day the bank achieved a significant milestone. Dekete emphasized that such actions raise serious questions about the planning and rationale behind the mass layoffs.

Dekete further criticized the CBN for its lack of clear criteria and transparency in the dismissal process, accusing the bank of ethnic bias and a violation of its HR policies, which mandate board approval for executive terminations.

He recounted cases of long-serving employees being dismissed coldly and impersonal letters stating, “Your services are no longer required,” without proper communication or justification. The financial impact on these employees, many of whom had taken loans against their salaries, has been devastating, with some left in debt and others receiving no final paycheck.

Dekete’s statement calls for immediate action to address these grievances and uphold the principles of fairness and due process within the CBN.

Source: The Guardian

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