Australian authorities project loss of 250,000 jobs dependent on foreign students

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Authorities in Australia have warned that new measures to limit international students could severely impact the $48 billion international education sector, potentially jeopardizing 250,000 jobs reliant on income from foreign students and their families, along with 4,500 university positions. Additionally, over two-thirds of workers in international tourism might be affected, highlighting the extensive economic repercussions of these policy changes.

Luke Sheehy, Chief Executive of Universities Australia, expressed concerns at a Queensland conference, stating that Australia’s “bipartisan reversal” on international education policies could lead to economic turmoil.

Sheehy noted that expected visa processing changes could cost universities A$500 million (£261 million) this year alone. He criticized the government’s focus on reducing migration by targeting international students, arguing that such measures were shortsighted and could harm an industry crucial to the nation’s economy.

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