Nigerian Pension Provider Launches AI Chatbot for Improved Customer Experience

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Veritas Glanvills Pensions Limited (VG Pensions) has introduced an innovative customer service solution – an AI-powered chatbot named Vicki. This 24/7 chatbot is designed to provide clients with convenient access to their pension account information and address inquiries directly from their smartphones.

VG Pensions emphasizes its commitment to improving customer experience through technological advancements. Vicki allows users to check their account balance, retrieve account statements, and monitor account growth, among other functions. Additionally, Vicki prioritizes data security with advanced encryption protocols.

Clients can access Vicki by adding a phone number to their contacts and initiating a WhatsApp chat. This launch comes amidst a growing Nigerian pension sector, with the value of pension funds reaching N19.79 trillion in April 2024.

Source: Punch

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