Dangote Calls for More Investment in Africa’s Industries, Not Just Resources

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Aliko Dangote, president of Dangote Industries Limited, is urging increased investment in African industries. Speaking at the Africa CEO Forum in Kigali, Rwanda, Dangote argued that Africa’s future lies in developing its own manufacturing base, not just exporting raw materials.

He highlighted Africa’s potential for significant growth, comparing it to a “scratch card” full of untapped possibilities. Dangote emphasized the need to move away from relying solely on exporting raw materials and instead focus on nurturing domestic industries that can produce finished goods and reduce dependence on imports.

This shift, according to Dangote, is key to unlocking Africa’s true potential and achieving long-term growth. His comments come amidst discussions about how to accelerate Africa’s economic development and create jobs for its growing population.

Source: Vanguard

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