Turkish Airlines sacks 7 Nigerian staff over $600,000 ticket racketeering

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Turkish Airlines fired seven Nigerian staff members for allegedly costing the airline over $600,000 through ticketing reservation violations. This dismissal comes on the heels of a picketing by the National Union of Air Transport Employees (NUATE) which stranded hundreds of passengers.

The union claims the firings are retaliation for staff membership and a move to “exterminate” the union. Turkish Airlines strongly denies these accusations.

According to their statement, the airline discovered a ticketing racketeering scheme in late 2023, resulting in significant economic losses. They claim to have involved the union in disciplinary proceedings against the accused employees, who were ultimately found guilty based on “irrefutable evidence.”

The airline offered the option of resignation to all seven employees, with three accepting. However, the remaining four and the union refused to accept the disciplinary action.

Turkish Airlines accuses the union of threatening industrial action to pressure the reinstatement of the fired staff.

Source: Business Day

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