Amazon to invest $1.3 bln in France, create 3,000 jobs

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Amazon, a big company known for online shopping, announced that it will invest over 1.2 billion euros (which is about $1.3 billion) in its operations in France. This investment will create more than 3,000 permanent jobs in the country.

The French government had said earlier that Amazon, along with other companies like GSK and Accenture, would make big investments as part of an event called “Choose France.”

Amazon’s investment will focus on two main areas: improving its cloud infrastructure in Paris to support the growing demand for generative AI technology and expanding its logistics infrastructure in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The popularity of generative AI has been increasing, leading to a greater need for cloud services, and France has become a center for AI development with promising startups and research centers from big companies like Meta and Google.

This investment is part of Amazon’s ongoing commitment to France, where it has already invested over 20 billion euros since 2010 and employs more than 22,000 people. The company plans to use some of the investment to expand its logistics network, which will help speed up deliveries and reduce carbon emissions. Amazon currently operates more than 35 logistics facilities in France.

Source: Reuters

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