20hrs Supply: DisCos post 37 apologies to Band A customers In 1 week

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Following the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (NERC) recent increase in electricity tariffs for Band A customers, electricity distribution companies (DisCos) are grappling with challenges in sustaining consistent power supply. Despite the tariff adjustment to N225 per kilowatt hour from N68, DisCos are finding it difficult to maintain the promised 20-24 hour supply to customers in this category.

A review of the X profile of 11 DisCos reveals a trend of service shortfalls since the tariff revision, particularly evident in the case of the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company. This DisCo has issued 37 apologies to its Band A customers for service deficiencies, with the latest one occurring on April 11. The apology cited a failure to meet contractual service obligations on April 9th and 10th, affecting specific feeder areas.

The apology further outlines potential repercussions, stating that if the DisCo continues to fall short of the committed service level to Band A feeders for seven consecutive days, the affected feeders will be automatically downgraded to the recorded level of supply.

Source: Parrot Nigeria

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