Biden and Kishida likely to discuss Texas bullet train project

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President Joe Biden is working to bring attention back to a plan to create America’s first high-speed rail system by using Japanese bullet train technology. He is expected to discuss this ambitious project with Japan’s prime minister during his visit to Washington this week.

The proposed rail line would connect Dallas and Houston in Texas, potentially revolutionizing travel in the region. The talks between President Biden and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida are significant, as they aim to strengthen both security and economic ties between the United States and Japan. While there is enthusiasm for the high-speed rail project, discussions have also been influenced by concerns over other Japanese investments, such as Nippon Steel’s planned acquisition of U.S. Steel.

Although the details of the discussions remain confidential, sources familiar with the summit preparations suggest that the high-speed rail project will be a key topic. It is anticipated that both leaders may express support for the multi-billion-dollar initiative, potentially leading to joint statements outlining their commitment to the project’s development.

Source: Reuters

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