Vladimir Putin Wins Another Six-Year Term as Russian President

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Vladimir Putin has secured another six-year term as Russian president, according to exit polls, positioning him to become the longest-serving Russian leader in over 200 years. The government-run VTsIOM pollster projected Putin’s victory with 87 percent of the vote after polls closed in Russia’s western-most region of Kaliningrad.

The election, spanning three days, occurred amidst heightened tensions with Ukraine, marked by deadly bombardments and incursions into Russian territory by pro-Kyiv sabotage groups. The Kremlin framed the election as an opportunity for Russians to support the ongoing military operation in Ukraine, where voting also took place in Russian-controlled territories.

However, the election faced criticism from Ukrainian ally Poland, which deemed it not “legal, free, and fair.” European Union chief Charles Michel sarcastically congratulated Putin on his “landslide victory” on the first day of polls opening, reflecting broader international skepticism surrounding the electoral process.

Source: Daily Trust

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