Blackwells Capital Calls for Stronger Strategy, Disney Seeks Board Seats

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Investor Blackwells Capital has highlighted concerns over Walt Disney’s performance, citing the lack of a robust content and technology strategy, as well as governance and transparency issues.

The investment firm is vying for board seats at Disney as it aims to address these challenges.

Blackwells, alongside another activist shareholder, has underscored the need for Disney to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) strategy, which could potentially bolster the company’s stock performance. According to Jason Aintabi, Blackwells’ investment head, Disney’s board lacks critical expertise in content, media, technology, and governance best practices.

While Disney’s shares saw a 1.3% increase in premarket trading following the news, the entertainment giant has yet to respond to the investor’s remarks. Blackwells has expressed support for Disney CEO Bob Iger’s leadership but has proposed potential changes, including a breakup and the spinoff of park and hotel assets into a real estate investment trust (REIT).

Source: Reuters

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