Zambia Plans to Import and Ration Electricity Due to Drought

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Zambia is grappling with a severe drought crisis, prompting President Hakainde Hichilema to announce plans to import and ration electricity, as the dry spell significantly affects hydropower generation, the country’s primary power source.

Hichilema emphasized in a televised address that the drought, declared a national disaster, not only jeopardizes energy production but also threatens food security and could impact the crucial mining sector. With an anticipated energy deficit of up to 500 megawatts, the nation braces for challenging times ahead.

To address the looming crisis, President Hichilema revealed intentions to realign the national budget, directing additional resources towards mitigating the drought’s repercussions. The government aims to cushion the blow on various sectors, including energy, food production, and mining, which are vulnerable to the drought’s adverse effects.

Hichilema urged both official and private creditors to expedite Zambia’s debt restructuring process, acknowledging the urgent need for financial stability amid the dire situation.

Source: Reuters

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