House of Rep Cautions Tinubu on Orosanye Report Implementation

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The House of Representatives has cautioned the Bola Tinubu-led presidency against hastily implementing the Orosanye Report, urging thorough review before implementation.

President Tinubu’s directive for full implementation of the report, aimed at reducing the cost of governance by streamlining agencies and parastatals, prompted lawmakers to advocate for comprehensive review and consideration of other relevant reports.

Lawmakers highlighted concerns regarding the Orosanye Report’s recommendations, which include reducing statutory agencies, abolishing certain bodies, and conducting management audits. They emphasized the need for alignment with current societal, economic, and technological dynamics, expressing doubts about the report’s relevance after 12 years.

The House forsees potential unintended consequences and implications of full implementation, suggesting that current realities may not be adequately reflected in the report. Despite expectations of reduced governance costs, lawmakers emphasized the importance of a nuanced approach to avoid adverse outcomes.

Source: Parrot Nigeria

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