ICC Orders Record Reparations for Victims of Ugandan Militia Commander

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International Criminal Court (ICC) judges have ruled that nearly 50,000 victims of Ugandan militia commander Dominic Ongwen are entitled to receive over 52 million euros ($56 million) in compensation, marking a landmark reparations order in the court’s history.

Ongwen, a former child soldier who ascended to become one of the top commanders of the notorious Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels, was found guilty on 60 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including rape, murder, and child abduction. Despite his conviction and 25-year prison sentence imposed in 2021, judges determined that Ongwen lacks the resources to personally fulfill the compensation.

In response, the judges have tasked the ICC’s Trust Fund for Victims to assist in covering the compensation costs. The reparations will consist of a symbolic individual payment of 750 euros per victim, along with collective reparations such as rehabilitation programs and memorial sites aimed at addressing the enduring impact of the atrocities committed by the LRA.

While Ongwen serves his sentence in Norway, the reparations serve as a form of acknowledgment and restitution for the suffering endured by those affected by the LRA’s brutal campaign of violence and terror in Uganda and neighboring regions.

Source: Reuters

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