COCOBOD Dismisses Reports on Cocoa Importation as “Misinformation”

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COCOBOD has refuted media reports regarding a leaked official letter purportedly approving the importation of 2,500 metric tonnes of cocoa beans from Cote d’Ivoire and Nigeria.

In a statement dated Sunday, February 4, COCOBOD clarified that such importation arrangements have been in place since November 2001, spanning over two decades.

The leaked official letter, which has circulated widely and generated public backlash, approved the request of Afrotropic Cocoa Processing Company Limited to import the cocoa beans from Cote d’Ivoire and Nigeria. Concerns were raised by the public and stakeholders over Ghana, a leading exporter of cocoa, suddenly turning into an importer.

COCOBOD expressed regret over the misconstrued interpretation of the letter’s content and urged the public to disregard the false claims derived from the leaked document. The statement aims to dispel misinformation and reassure stakeholders about the continuity of existing importation arrangements, which have been in place for over twenty years.

Source: 3News

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