Potential 400% Revenue Increase through Foreign Investment in Hospitality- Stakeholders

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Stakeholders in the hospitality industry have highlighted the potential for a substantial 400% increase in revenue within six months through harnessing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

In an exclusive interview with The PUNCH, Paul Onwuanibe, the Chief Executive Officer of Landmark Group, expressed confidence in achieving this significant growth in FDI within the sector.Onwuanibe emphasized the resilience of the hospitality industry, noting that it requires comparatively minimal infrastructure and offers cost-effective employment, which has shielded it from severe impacts.

Despite challenges such as poor infrastructure, he sees the industry as less affected. From an FDI standpoint, he believes that with concerted effort and commitment, there is significant potential to amplify FDI by 300-400% within a six-month period.

Source: PUNCH

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