cNGN Faces Challenges as CBN Plans Transition from eNaira

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As the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) prepares to introduce cNGN, its stablecoin, through commercial banks and fintech companies, challenges emerge, notably from its predecessor, the eNaira.

While the official retirement of the eNaira is yet to be announced under the current governor, Olayemi Cardoso, experts foresee its gradual phase-out to make room for cNGN.Some experts believe that the focus should be on the broader vision rather than the current performance of the naira.

The introduction of cNGN signals a shift in the digital currency landscape, prompting discussions about the coexistence of the two digital currencies and its potential implications.

As the central bank navigates this transition, stakeholders will closely watch how these developments unfold and impact the adoption and integration of cNGN in the market.

Source: Business Day

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