Oil Marketers Seek Collaboration with Dangote Refinery

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Oil marketers, represented by the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, plan to meet with Dangote Petroleum Refinery management to facilitate the smooth supply and distribution of refined petroleum products from the $20 billion facility.

This move comes as Dangote Refinery gears up to commence production of refined products this month, having received six shipments of one million barrels each of crude oil.

Anticipating positive outcomes, the oil marketers express their expectations for steady product availability with Dangote and Port Harcourt refineries contributing to the supply chain in Nigeria. Despite the forthcoming increase in production, there are reservations about significant changes in refined product prices.

Mutapha, a representative, emphasizes that collaboration between independent oil marketers and refinery managers is crucial to ensuring an uninterrupted flow of products from these facilities to various parts of Nigeria.

Source: PUNCH

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