Nigeria Launches Automated Passport Application System

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“”Nigeria is set to launch a highly anticipated reform with the automation of the passport application and issuance process starting today.

The Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, announced the commencement of this automated system, allowing Nigerians to apply and complete their passport application online without the need for human contact.

This move, which is 99 percent complete, signifies a significant leap toward efficiency and a substantial enhancement to the country’s security.The new automated system aims to eliminate the need for manual document submission and physical visits to immigration offices.

Under this system, applicants will only need to visit immigration centres for fingerprint biometrics, streamlining the passport application process and making it more convenient. They can now submit documents, complete forms, and make electronic payments from the comfort of their homes, reducing face-to-face requirements.

The automation of passport applications not only marks a positive shift towards efficiency but also enhances security measures.

Source: Business Day

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