Challenges in Facility Maintenance for Healthcare and Tertiary Education in Nigeria- AFMPN

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Facility maintenance in Nigeria’s healthcare and tertiary education sectors is facing significant challenges, according to Paul Erubami, the President of the Association of Facilities Management Practitioners, Nigeria (AFMPN) and CEO of Max-Migold Ltd.

These challenges include inadequate funding, a shortage of skilled personnel, lack of standardization and regulation, and a general lack of awareness about the importance of facility maintenance. These issues lead to deferred maintenance, a backlog of repairs, and deteriorating infrastructure.

However, there are positive signs with a growing recognition of the need for facility management services in these sectors, creating opportunities for improvement. International organizations are providing support to enhance maintenance practices.Despite the opportunities, achieving excellence in facility maintenance in Nigeria’s healthcare and tertiary institutions requires sustained effort and collaboration among stakeholders.

The president of AFMPN is committed to leading these efforts and working with relevant partners to bring about positive changes and impacts in the built environment in Nigeria.

Source: PUNCH

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