Pledge to Boost Agriculture and Trade for Economic Growth- Ekiti State’s Gov.

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In a New Year statewide broadcast, Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Biodun Oyebanji, affirmed his administration’s commitment to partnering with the Federal Government to enhance agriculture and trade, driving economic growth within the state.

Oyebanji emphasized the crucial role of agriculture and trade, acknowledging their position as the mainstays of Ekiti State’s economy, contributing around 80% to the GDP.

The governor outlined the government’s focus on addressing key challenges in the agriculture and trade sector, with a particular emphasis on improving the prosperity of farmers. Measures are being taken to tackle issues like poor yield, access to credit, and land clearing to make the sector more attractive for growth and development.

Oyebanji urged the people of Ekiti to be optimistic in 2024, promising significant improvements in security, infrastructure, and government services. The state government’s proactive approach reflects a strategic commitment to fostering a thriving agricultural and trade landscape, laying the foundation for a more robust and resilient state economy.

Source: The Sun

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