Nigeria’s Water Infrastructure: NPA and Apapa LCDA Collaborate for Sustainable Supply

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The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has joined forces with the Apapa Local Development Council Area (LCDA) in Lagos to address the longstanding issue of clean water scarcity for residents. The collaboration aims to revitalize the Apapa Mini-Water Works, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6, which focuses on ensuring universal access to clean water and sanitation. The initiative responds to the dire need for potable water, a critical resource that had become increasingly inaccessible to the Apapa community, resulting in health concerns and heightened expenses for alternative water sources.

Chairman of Apapa LCDA, Idowu Senbanjo, emphasized the significance of the partnership with NPA, citing the adverse effects of the water crisis on the local population. The lack of clean water had prompted residents to resort to boreholes, leading to an increase in waterborne diseases. The collaboration addresses this pressing issue by addressing the dilapidated state of the existing water infrastructure, which had been neglected for approximately 15 years.

Rear Admiral Austin Oyagha (retd), Chairman of Apapa Residence Developmental Committee, shed light on the comprehensive efforts undertaken to resolve the water supply challenges. With NPA’s support, the committee worked on the reconstruction of Liverpool Road and repaired damaged reticulations, reinforcing the water supply network. The committee’s dedication, coupled with NPA’s sponsorship, has been instrumental in the success of the project, marking a significant milestone for the community.

During a facility tour, Oluwabi Ayodele, Southwest Regional Business Manager of Lagos Water Corporation, commended the collective efforts of stakeholders in ensuring the project’s success. Ayodele urged Apapa residents to collaborate with the Lagos State Water Corporation, providing essential feedback on the effectiveness of the water reticulation system. The initiative not only addresses immediate water needs but also aligns with broader developmental goals aimed at improving the overall well-being of the Apapa community.


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