Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Lauds Former Spokesperson for Outstanding Service

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The acting Director-General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Captain Chris Najomo, has commended the former General Manager of Public Relations, Sam Adurogboye, for his exceptional work as an image maker. At a sendoff party for Adurogboye, Najomo praised his role in ensuring positive media coverage for the agency since joining in 2000. Adurogboye’s contributions to the growth of the NCAA were acknowledged, and colleagues paid glowing tributes to his professionalism. Adurogboye, who retired after turning 60, was recognized for his outstanding service and mentorship.

Key Points:

  • The acting DG of the NCAA, Captain Chris Najomo, commends former PR GM, Sam Adurogboye, for his outstanding work as an image maker.
  • Adurogboye played a pivotal role in ensuring positive media coverage for the NCAA since joining the organization in 2000.
  • The former spokesperson is acknowledged for his explanations that helped diffuse tensions and contributed to the growth of the NCAA.
  • Adurogboye’s contributions led to increased recognition, and he is praised for leaving an indelible mark on the agency.
  • Colleagues and friends in the aviation industry pay glowing tributes to Adurogboye, describing him as a mentor, teacher, and lover of God.
  • Adurogboye is recognized for his uncommon act of returning unspent budgets to the NCAA coffers.
  • The former PR GM expresses gratitude for the smooth work at NCAA and emphasizes the importance of adding value to the system.

Source: The Punch

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