Mark Zuckerberg Surpasses Warren Buffett and Bill Gates in Wealth Rankings

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Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder of Meta, has surpassed Warren Buffett in riches by $7 billion, according to the Forbes Billionaire Index.

Zuckerberg’s net worth has reached an impressive $125 billion, elevating him to the 5th position in global wealth rankings. This increase in wealth is attributed to robust stake performances, marking a remarkable 95.31% increase in Zuckerberg’s net worth over the year.

Zuckerberg has not only surpassed Buffett but also Bill Gates, the Co-founder of Microsoft, who now holds the 6th position with a net worth of $119 billion. Despite his age, Buffett remains actively involved as the CEO, with Gregory Abel identified as the likely successor for Berkshire’s non-insurance operations.

Zuckerberg’s financial success comes amidst legal challenges and scandals, including privacy issues with Facebook and a decline in ad revenue due to the pandemic. However, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has demonstrated resilience and adaptability in a challenging environment.

Source: Punch

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