MTN Nigeria Denies Network Disruption from Tower Lease to American Tower Corporation

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MTN Nigeria has refuted claims that the lease of its 2,500 towers to American Tower Corporation (ATC) would cause network disruption in the country. This comes in response to statements by IHS Holding, which suggested that the transfer of these towers to ATC could lead to disruptions in Nigeria’s network services. MTN Nigeria maintains that the tower contract with ATC is final and asserts that tower transfers between infrastructure companies do not necessarily result in network disruptions.

Key Points:

  • Finalization of Tower Contract: MTN Nigeria confirmed that the award of the tower contract to ATC for 2,500 sites is final. The decision followed a fair and transparent procurement process with the highest governance approvals.
  • Denial of Network Disruption Claims: MTN Nigeria dismissed claims by IHS Towers that the tower lease to ATC could cause network disruption. The company emphasized that tower transfers between infrastructure providers do not typically lead to service disruptions.
  • Improved Commercial Terms: IHS Towers had stated that it offered improved commercial terms to MTN Nigeria to prevent network disruption. However, MTN countered this claim, stating that it has not received any such offer and affirmed the finality of the agreement with ATC.
  • Focus on Connectivity and Sustainability: MTN Nigeria highlighted that its partnership with ATC aims to usher in a new era of connectivity in Nigeria. The collaboration is aligned with the company’s focus on meeting customer demands, expense efficiencies, sustainability, and environmental responsibility.
  • Engagement with IHS Towers: While the tower agreement with ATC is finalized, MTN Nigeria expressed a willingness to continue engaging with IHS Towers on other opportunities. The company remains open to value optimization and hopes that participating parties, including IHS, will present compelling propositions.

Conclusion: MTN Nigeria’s denial of potential network disruptions and affirmation of the finalization of the tower contract with ATC underscores the company’s commitment to seamless connectivity and its strategic partnership with infrastructure providers. The statement reflects the complexities and competitive dynamics in the telecommunications infrastructure sector in Nigeria.


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