Mastercard’s Africa Growth Fund Invests in Three African Investment Firms

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Mastercard’s Africa Growth Fund is set to invest in three African investment firms, namely Chui Ventures, VestedWorld, and SME Impact Fund. The investment amounts to $9 million for Chui Ventures, $10 million for VestedWorld, and $8 million for SME Impact Fund. These investments aim to support businesses that drive financial inclusion, social progress, and agricultural growth across the continent.

Details of Invested Companies:

  • Chui Ventures:
    • Nature: Kenyan early-stage venture capital firm.
    • Focus: Invests in gender-inclusive startups in Kenya and Nigeria.
    • Portfolio: Includes over 20 startups such as Fastizers, CrowdForce, Taeillo, Pngme, and Lifestores Pharmacy.
  • VestedWorld:
    • Nature: Nigerian impact investment firm.
    • Focus: Invests in businesses driving financial inclusion and social progress in Africa.
    • Portfolio: Consists of over 30 businesses across Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria, including Sabi, Shuttlers, and Anka.
  • SME Impact Fund:
    • Nature: Tanzanian fund manager.
    • Focus: Dedicated to fostering growth in Tanzania’s agricultural sector.
    • Impact: Made 44 investments worth over $15 million, impacting smallholder farmers and generating over 3,000 employment opportunities.

Additional Context:

  • Mastercard’s Africa Growth Fund has previously invested in Aruwa Capital Management ($2.2 million) and Inua Capital ($5 million).
  • Launched in 2022, the Africa Growth Fund is a $200 million fund designed to bridge the financing gap in Africa’s impact investment landscape.
  • The fund collaborates with a network of partners providing comprehensive business development services to portfolio companies, including fund advisory, communications, and diversity/inclusion support.

Conclusion: Mastercard’s investment in Chui Ventures, VestedWorld, and SME Impact Fund reflects a commitment to fostering inclusive economic growth and supporting impactful initiatives across Africa. The focus on gender-inclusive startups, financial inclusion, and agricultural development aligns with broader efforts to address social and economic challenges on the continent. The Africa Growth Fund continues to play a pivotal role in driving positive change through strategic investments.


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