Safaricom Introduces Christmas Campaign Allowing Fuliza Loan Repayment with Bonga Points

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Safaricom has launched a month-long Christmas campaign, “Sambaza Furaha,” which includes unique offers for customers. Notably, borrowers using Safaricom’s Fuliza overdraft facility will have the option to clear their loans with Bonga points, the telco’s loyalty points.

Key Points:

  • Fuliza Loan Repayment with Bonga Points:
    • As part of the Christmas campaign, borrowers using Safaricom’s Fuliza overdraft facility will be able to settle their loans using Bonga points. This initiative aims to provide a festive season benefit to Safaricom customers.
  • Sambaza Furaha Campaign:
    • Launched under the name “Sambaza Furaha,” the campaign is designed to share the joy of the season with Safaricom customers. In addition to Fuliza repayment with Bonga points, the campaign includes various offers and discounts across different services.
  • Value of Unused Bonga Points:
    • The move comes after Safaricom’s annual report for the period ending March 2023 revealed that the value of unused Bonga points decreased to the lowest point in 12 years. The reduction in unredeemed points was attributed to the introduction of an expiry date.
  • Enhanced Redemption Offers:
    • During the campaign period, Safaricom will enhance the redemption offers for Bonga points, providing a 1:1 ratio for voice and data needs. This is an improvement from the previous conversion structure where one point was equivalent to 20 cents.
  • Additional Offers:
    • The “Sambaza Furaha” campaign extends various offers, including discounted prices for locally assembled Neon smartphones, reduced prices for 4G Wi-Fi routers, and discounts on local flights, SGR train tickets, and bus gift vouchers. There are also discounts for food, travel partners, and accommodation.
  • CEO Statement:
    • Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa emphasized the campaign’s focus on spreading joy, kindness, and the Christmas spirit. He highlighted that the initiative is more than just offers, aiming to bring the community together and make a positive impact during the festive season.

Conclusion: Safaricom’s “Sambaza Furaha” campaign introduces innovative features, such as allowing Fuliza loan repayment with Bonga points, providing a unique and festive experience for Safaricom customers while encouraging the spirit of sharing and joy during the holiday season.


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