Tribute Paid to Late Christopher Ogunbanjo for Contributions to Nigerian Capital Market

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A special tribute session and closing-gong ceremony were held at the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) to honor the late Christopher Ogunbanjo, recognizing his significant contributions to the capital market and the Nigerian economy. Ogunbanjo, described as a father, patriarch, elder statesman, philanthropist, legal luminary, and corporate titan, played a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (now NGX). Attendees, including NGX Group Chairman Dr. Umaru Kwairanga, praised Ogunbanjo’s legacy, emphasizing his transformative impact on the corporate landscape.

Key Points:

Legacy of Christopher Ogunbanjo:

Ogunbanjo was hailed for his influential and transformative presence at the Nigerian Exchange Group, where he played a crucial role in shaping the direction of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

His expertise, foresight, and commitment were instrumental in the incorporation of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, laying the groundwork for a cornerstone institution in Nigeria’s financial architecture.

Contributions Beyond Boardrooms:

Ogunbanjo’s influence extended beyond boardrooms, and he was recognized not only for corporate acumen but also as one of Nigeria’s most distinguished corporate lawyers.

He championed legal initiatives that set new standards and positively impacted numerous companies, contributing to legal reforms fostering a conducive business environment.

Philanthropic Endeavors:

The late Chief Ogunbanjo was acknowledged for his philanthropic endeavors, with benevolence reaching communities fortunate to benefit from his generosity.

The tribute highlighted the lives uplifted by Ogunbanjo’s compassion and commitment to making a meaningful difference.

Long-Lasting Legacy:

Participants at the event expressed mourning for Ogunbanjo’s physical absence but celebrated the enduring legacy that continues to shape the trajectory of the NGX Group.

The principles Ogunbanjo stood for—integrity, excellence, and commitment to the greater good—were recognized as enduring values guiding corporate history.

Call to Uphold Values:

NGX Group Chairman Dr. Umaru Kwairanga urged attendees to uphold the values lived by Ogunbanjo, emphasizing integrity, resilience, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

While acknowledging the profound void created by Ogunbanjo’s departure, the call was made to carry forward his torch and ideals.

Role in Incorporation of NSE:

Ogunbanjo’s firm played a key role in the incorporation of the Nigerian Stock Exchange before its transformation into the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX).

The late corporate lawyer passed away in early October at the age of 99.

Conclusion: The special tribute session and closing-gong ceremony at the NGX served as a platform to honor the late Christopher Ogunbanjo, recognizing his impactful contributions to the Nigerian capital market and corporate landscape. Attendees emphasized the enduring legacy of Ogunbanjo’s values, guiding principles, and transformative influence on the NGX Group and the financial sector. The event provided an opportunity for stakeholders to pay homage to a distinguished figure in Nigeria’s business and legal communities.


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