Raxio Data Centres Secures $46 Million in Equity Funding to Fuel Expansion in Africa

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Raxio Data Centres, a leading provider of carrier-neutral data centres in Africa, has secured an additional $46 million in equity funding from existing shareholders Roha and Meridiam. This investment reflects confidence in Raxio’s vision and capabilities. With earlier debt funding, Raxio is now the best-funded independent data centre platform in Africa. The funds will support expansion initiatives and the development of hyperscale-ready data centre facilities in key African metro areas, meeting the growing demand for reliable data storage and processing solutions.

Key Points:

  1. Funding Sources:
    • The $46 million equity funding comes from existing shareholders Roha and Meridiam, showcasing their belief in Raxio’s potential.
  2. Financial Strength and Growth Prospects:
    • With this equity funding and earlier debt funding, Raxio has become the best-funded independent data centre platform in Africa. This strengthens its financial position and secures its growth trajectory.
  3. Strategic Deployment of Funds:
    • The newly acquired funds will be strategically utilized to expand Raxio’s presence across the continent and develop high-quality data centre facilities capable of handling hyperscale demands.
  4. Addressing Digital Transformation in Africa:
    • Raxio plays a crucial role in driving the digital revolution in Africa, and this investment will further enhance connectivity and data centre services on the continent.
  5. CEO Succession Plan:
    • The Board of Directors has initiated a search for a successor to current CEO Robert Mullins, who plans to hand over the reins in the second half of 2024. This transition comes after the company’s significant achievements under Mullins’ leadership.
  6. Sustainability Commitment:
    • Raxio emphasizes sustainability in its operations, aiming to minimize its environmental footprint through efficient designs, equipment selection, and support for green initiatives benefiting local communities.
  7. Expanding Geographic Footprint:
    • Raxio currently operates in seven key markets across Africa, making it the data centre platform with the widest geographic reach on the continent.

Conclusion: The additional equity funding solidifies Raxio’s position as a leading player in the African data centre landscape. It empowers the company to expand its operations and meet the increasing demand for advanced data storage and processing solutions in Africa. Raxio’s commitment to sustainability and its pivotal role in Africa’s digital transformation further underscore its significance in the region.


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