Surge in LNG Imports Expected for Northwest Europe in November

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As the heating season commences, northwest Europe anticipates a substantial increase in LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) imports, projected to rise by 30% in November compared to October. However, these figures are expected to be lower than the high demand seen in November 2022, when Europe sought LNG cargoes to compensate for reduced Russian gas supply.

Projected Imports and Key Destinations:

  • Northwest Europe is estimated to import approximately 243 mcm/day in November, serving countries including the Netherlands, France, Germany, and the UK.
  • These import projections are expected to be 15% lower than those recorded in November 2022.

Weather and Demand Uncertainties:

  • Weather conditions and forecasts from November onward will play a pivotal role in shaping LNG imports into Europe, introducing key uncertainties in European gas consumption for the upcoming winter.
  • Over the past year, Europe has managed to reduce its gas consumption through energy-saving practices and decreased industrial demand, partly due to elevated prices and demand fluctuations.

Potential Long-term Shifts in Gas Demand:

  • The energy crisis and record-high prices have led to some permanent shifts in European gas demand, with a portion of the reduced demand unlikely to return. This observation was noted by Russel Hardy, CEO of the Vitol Group.
  • Gas demand in the EU in 2022 experienced a 12% decrease compared to the average of 2019-2021, primarily driven by declines in industrial and household gas consumption.

Transition to Alternative Power Generation:

  • The availability of alternative power generation sources in 2023 contributed significantly to the reduction in gas demand within the power sector.

Conclusion: While northwest Europe anticipates a surge in LNG imports for November, it is crucial to recognize the impact of weather patterns and demand fluctuations, which remain uncertain factors. Furthermore, the energy landscape continues to evolve, with potential long-term shifts in gas consumption patterns influenced by factors such as pricing and the availability of alternative energy sources.


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