Verod Capital and AfricInvest Acquire Majority Stake in iSON Xperiences

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Verod Capital and AfricInvest have joined forces to acquire a majority stake in iSON Xperiences, a prominent ICT solutions provider specializing in business process outsourcing (BPO) and digital customer experience solutions across Africa, the UAE, and India. Established in 2010, iSON Xperiences caters to a wide array of sectors, serving over 500 million end-users. This strategic partnership aims to bolster iSON Xperiences’ position in Africa and drive growth through diversification and market expansion.

Key Points:

  1. Acquisition Details:
    • Verod Capital and AfricInvest have acquired a majority stake in iSON Xperiences, a leading ICT solutions provider with operations spanning Africa, UAE, and India.
  2. Expertise and Services:
    • iSON Xperiences specializes in BPO, business process management, and digital customer experience solutions, supporting sectors such as Telecom, Financial Services, Energy, Media, Aviation, Retail, and E-commerce.
  3. Workforce and Presence:
    • iSON Xperiences employs over 18,000 individuals across 19 countries, with a significant presence in Africa, where it operates in 16 nations.
  4. Previous Investment and Commitment:
    • AfricInvest initially invested in iSON Xperiences in 2018 and is renewing its commitment through AfricInvest Funds III and IV. The partnership has resulted in substantial growth and the creation of over 5,000 quality jobs.
  5. Strategic Focus:
    • The partnership aims to further strengthen iSON Xperiences’ leading position in Africa. The infusion of new capital will facilitate diversification of services and entry into new markets. The integration of digital tools is central to optimizing customer operations and enhancing overall customer experience.
  6. Job Creation and Gender Equality:
    • iSON Xperiences’ global employment model creates high-quality jobs, particularly benefiting developing nations. The company’s commitment to gender equality is evident, with women comprising 54% of the workforce and holding almost a third of all line management positions.

The acquisition of a majority stake in iSON Xperiences by Verod Capital and AfricInvest signifies a strategic move to bolster the company’s position in Africa’s ICT solutions landscape. This partnership is poised to stimulate growth, job creation, and technological advancement, underscoring a shared commitment to advancing Africa’s digital economy.


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