Ecobank Petitions FBN Holdings to Halt Approval of Otudeko’s Share Acquisition

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Ecobank Plc has filed a petition to FBN Holdings, urging them to suspend the approval of Oba Otudeko’s bid for 4 billion shares of the bank. The petition is based on an outstanding legal issue regarding Otudeko’s indebtedness to Ecobank. The shares in question were acquired by Barbican Capital Limited, allegedly with Otudeko’s involvement.

Ecobank’s lawyers, in a letter to FBN Holdings, claimed that Otudeko diverted funds that were meant to pay his N13 billion debt to acquire First Bank shares, with the intention of becoming the largest investor. They argue that this action is an attempt to evade the Supreme Court’s judgment against Otudeko and the Honeywell companies, and to hinder the repayment of their debt to Ecobank.

In response, Ecobank demanded that Otudeko reject the approval of the shares purchased by Barbican Capital Limited, as proceeding with the approval would be seen as assisting in the diversion of funds meant for debt repayment. They also requested detailed information on the status of the transaction within seven days.

It remains to be seen how FBN Holdings will respond to Ecobank’s petition and the allegations made against Otudeko. The outcome of this dispute will have implications for the legal proceedings between Ecobank and Otudeko, as well as the financial interests of all parties involved.

Opinion: This development highlights the complexities and challenges that can arise in the business and legal landscape. It is crucial for financial institutions and individuals to uphold legal obligations and work towards resolving disputes in a fair and transparent manner. The outcome of this case will not only impact the parties involved but also shed light on the importance of financial responsibility and accountability in the Nigerian banking sector.


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