Custodian Investment’s Dividend Payment has Received Shareholder Approval.

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The board of directors and management of Custodian Investment Plc have received praise from the company’s shareholders for maintaining strong performance and paying dividends on a yearly basis.

The board approved a total dividend of 65 kobo per share, an interim dividend of 10 kobo per share, and a final dividend of 55 kobo in respect of the results of the 2022 financial year, subject to the proper withholding tax, the company said in a statement. The company also pledged to deliver strong and sustainable returns to shareholders.

Custodian Investment is an investor’s delight, according to Noble Shareholders Association of Nigeria President Matthew Akinlade, who led other shareholders in making the statement at the company’s 28th annual general meeting in Lagos. He pleaded with the board and the administration to  keep up the good performance.

Akinlade commended the board and management for turning around the fortunes of UPDC Plc, a subsidiary of the company acquired with 51 per cent equity stake in 2020.The company’s revenue grew from N825m in 2021 to N5.9bn in 2022, while its profit before and after tax ended the year at N329m and N199m respectively.


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