A loss at Airtel Africa Sent the Stock Market Down N569 billion.

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Profit-taking by investors in Airtel Africa Plc continued to rule the Nigerian stock market at the start of the week as the market’s total capitalization fell by N569 billion.

As investors switch to money market products, the market capitalization dropped by N569 billion, marking the sixth straight session of losses.

The NGX All Share Index (ASI), which closed at 51,952.99 basis points, decreased by 1,041.14 basis points, or 1.96 percent. As a result, investors lost N569 billion in value, bringing the market worth down to N28.300 trillion.

As a result of 4,286 transactions, the overall amount of trades climbed by 545.60% to 1.723 billion units, valued at N4.790 billion.


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