Investors Make N10 billion as the Market Recovers.

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The Nigerian Exchange Limited’s downward trend came to an end on Tuesday as the market recovered and investors gained N10 billion.

The market value of shares increased by 0.03 percent to N29.909 trillion, matching the All Share Index’s 0.03 percent increase to 54, 906.65 from 54, 886.04.

In a total of 2,987 transactions on Tuesday, 127.744m shares worth N1.586bn were traded. At the end of the day’s trading, there were 12 stocks on both the gainers’ and losers’ lists, indicating that market sentiment was unchanged.

Linkage Assurance, Wapic, and Champion were the top gainers, increasing by 9.76%, 7.89%, and 4.26%, respectively, to close at N0.45, N0.41, and N4.90.

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