Marketers To Sanction Fuel Stations And Depots Charging Excessive Prices.

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A task force has been organized and deployed by oil marketers under the direction of the Petroleum Retail Outlet Owners Association of Nigeria to monitor and penalize gas stations that sell Premium Motor Spirit, often known as gasoline, at exorbitant prices.

It was learned that the decision was made in response to complaints that some gas stations were selling fuel for more than N300 per litre, which is far more than the price set by the Federal Government.

He clarified that marketers who obtained the product from NNPCL should not sell it for more than N200 per litre, but he added quickly that it was currently difficult to obtain PMS from NNPCL. “Since NNPC sells at a maximum of N194 per litre, if you purchased from NNPCL, you are legally required to sell at a maximum of N200.

Meanwhile,oil marketers have threatened to name and expose private depot owners refusing to comply with the Federal Government’s directive to sell products at a regulated price of N172 per litre. IPMAN members can’t bear the brunt of price differences.


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