Members of the US Congress want to Stop the $1 billion Nigerian Weapons Purchase.

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Following revelations of an illegal abortion program and the targeted slaughter of infants by the Nigerian military,  two members of the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee urged President Joe Biden to cancel a roughly $1 billion arms deal with Nigeria.

The Congress members said, “There are rumors of weaponry captured by terrorists, and the help supplied by  Washington so far has done little to settle the 14year struggle between the Nigerian military and Islamist  insurgents in the country’s northeast.”

Therefore, the legislators stated in the letter, “we believe continuing to move forward with the $1 billion arms transaction would be exceedingly irresponsible and we encourage the Administration to revoke it. After lawmakers on both sides of the aisle halted the agreement amid worries about more rights violations, the State Department approved the largest-ever arms transfer and other military assistance to Nigeria.

This is the second time recently that Congress has asked for a review. The Reuters investigation discovered that the Nigerian military has been carrying out a covert, organized, and illegal abortion program in the nation’s northeast since at least 2013, terminating at least 10,000 pregnancies among women and girls.

According to Reuters, the Nigerian Army and its allies have killed children throughout their long 13-year conflict with Islamist extremists in the northeast of the country.


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