Nigeria Forecasts New Flooding in 2023.

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The Federal Government predicted that this year will undoubtedly see more flooding in many areas of Nigeria but said that preparations had already started in advance to avoid some of the mistakes committed in 2022.

Additionally, it stated that state governors would be alerted early this year about disaster-prone locations. In 2022, the disastrous flood scenario resulted in the deaths of 662 people. At an executive seminar for NEMA staff members and senior staff members chosen from State Emergency Management Agencies and important disaster management stakeholders, Mustapha Ahmed, the director general of the National Emergency Management Agency, announced this in Abuja.

Ahmed responded when asked if NEMA was collaborating with the Nigeria Governors Forum on how to handle flooding in states, and he emphasized that there would be floods this year.

“It is going to flood again this year, there is no doubt about that”. In his address during the event, he said the devastating 2022 flood disaster across the country was unprecedented in the history of Nigeria.


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