Tanzania: Businesses are Cautiously Optimistic About 2023.

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The business community is cautiously optimistic about the economic environment in 2023. They think the future is promising, but only if the government keeps up its efforts to create a business-friendly environment.

According to Stephen Chamle, director of communications for the Tanzania Business Community, 2023 appears to be the year when the government will remove or reduce more trade restrictions. This will draw in more investors, both domestic and foreign, he claimed.

However, he believed that the government ought to defend local investors by fostering an advantageous business climate for them.

Exaud Kigahe, the deputy minister of investment, trade, and industry, quickly retorted that once the President had signed the new Investment Act into law, it would address more issues. He said to speed up the execution of the blueprint, his ministry formed a special department specifically for coordinating the implementation of the document. 


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