UN Reports the First Shipment of Russian Fertilizer Heads to Africa.

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According to a previous export agreement negotiated by the UN, the first shipment of fertilizer made in Russia left the Netherlands and is currently traveling to Malawi.

According to the spokesperson, a load of 20,000 metric tons of fertilizer is the first of several exports to be sent to Africa in the coming months. The shipment will go to Malawi via Mozambique. In October, Russia took a four-day break from the agreement before returning.

It is currently planting season in Africa, where allowing the export of 260,000 metric tonnes of donated Russian fertilizer products stored in Europe “will serve to alleviate humanitarian needs and prevent catastrophic crop loss,” a spokesperson for the Russian government said.

 “The United Nations is continuing intense diplomatic efforts with all parties to ensure the unimpeded exports of critical food and fertilizers from Ukraine and the Russian Federation, exempt from sanction regimes, to the world markets,” the spokesperson added.


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