Nigeria will Execute “Vision 2050” to Raise GDP to $33,000.

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The Vision 2020 plan, which ran out of steam two years ago, will be replaced, according to the Nigerian government, which is currently working on its implementation of the Vision 2050 study.

At the 28th Nigerian Economic Summit (NES), which was held on Monday in Abuja, the Finance Minister, Zainab Ahmed, revealed this.

Ahmed stated that the Nigerian Agenda 2050 aims to raise the GDP per capita to $33,000 and that the FG is finalizing the “Nigeria Agenda 2050, which will replace Vision 2020, was established following the National Development Plan (NDP).

The Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP), 2017–2020, was succeeded by Nigeria’s National Development Plan (NDP), 2021–2025, which is presently in its second year.


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