Atleast 10 Hospital Employees in Nigeria’s Niger State Are Abducted by Gunmen.

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In northwest Nigeria, armed bandits seeking money have abducted or killed hundreds of people. Officials from the Niger state have claimed that the Islamise militant group Boko Haram has seized  control of a number of areas there; paying the residents to join their cause in fighting the government.

After invading a general hospital, gunmen kidnapped at least 10 healthcare professionals; this occurred in Nigeria’s Niger state and killed an undetermined number of people, according to hospital and military sources.

While a security source reports that two people were killed as a result of the gunmen’s mass assault on the Lapai local government’s general hospital, a hospital source reports that more than 20 staff employees, including those in charge of patient relations victims of murder.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dare Godiya Ishaya, president of the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (NARD), Reuters that 20 NARD members had been victims this year; leading some of them to flee the nation in part due to a lack of safety.


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