Kenya Will Stop Using Diesel and Gasoline Trucks and Adopt Green Transportation.

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Kenya Power plans to buy additional electric vehicles, including two-wheelers and three-wheelers; in the near future in an effort to significantly lower its carbon footprint. According to estimates, one-fourth of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation driven by diesel and gasoline.

As the country’s transition to clean transportation gains traction, Kenya Power has announced plans to gradually phase out petrol and diesel-powered cars and motorbikes from its fleet in favour of electric ones. For a pilot program, the State-owned power utility has put aside Sh40 million to buy three electric vehicles; including two pickups and one four-wheel drive.

One of the major obstacles to Kenya’s transition to clean transportation is the lack of charging infrastructure for electric cars and motorbikes; which is why Kenya Power decided to look for a company to create the system nationwide in August.

In the longer term, 50 long-range electric bikes would be purchased by Kenya Power; according to interim managing director Geoffrey Muli, as part of a bigger strategy to phase out fuel-powered motorbikes from its fleet.


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