Buhari Claims That The Nigerian Economy Is Ready For Further Investment.

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Buhari praised the Nigerian military for making great strides in the battle against insecurity; and for generating momentum in reducing the difficulties to their bare minimum. He expressed his happiness that efforts in enhancing security are paying off well.

Additionally, he promised that the Federal Government will step up efforts to enhance security; acknowledging that this area is essential to the flow of investment and the overall development of the economy and infrastructure.

In spite of the epidemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he continued, Nigeria is on track to occupy its proper position in the world economy. He attributed this success story to the adoption of reforms intended to entice international investment and persistent progress in governance.

According to projections, the transportation, clean cooking, and power sectors will generate 340,000 jobs by 2030 and up to 840,000 jobs by 2060 as part of Nigeria’s energy transition plan.


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