Despite Ukraine Crisis, Nigeria’s Imports From Russia Increased By 143%.

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Nigeria imported N6.27 billion in herrings and N2.77 billion in blue whiting from Russia in Q1 2022, and N13. 39 billion in blue whiting, N7.21 billion in herrings, and N1.25 billion in malt in Q2 2022.
The notion that Nigeria’s imports from Russia would be at jeopardy due to the current is contradicted by this growth.

Nigeria has been importing from Russia; however, as the NBS report shows no imports from Ukraine; it appears that imports from that country, considerably affected.

Development economist indicated that Nigeria must expand its imports from Russia, which has been a significant trading partner; when discussing the potential cause for the rise in imports from that country.

Nigeria needs the imports to control the potential for a food crisis and prevent food prices from rising.


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