Why Nigeria Exports Electricity To Niger, Benin, Togo — TCN.

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As Nigerians continued to worry about the continued exportation of electricity to neghbouring countries amid shortage in national supply; the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has stated that the deal provides avenue to earn more foreign exchange for national development.
The Managing Director of TCN, Sule Abdulaziz, who disclosed this at the Nigerian Power Consumers Forum; confirmed that, “Nigeria, through TCN, had been exporting electricity to Niger, Benin and Togo under a country-to-country arrangement.”

Abdulaziz, who is also the Chairman, Executive Board of West African Power Pool (WAPP); said the regional market would further enable generation companies (GenCos) to export power to more West African countries, which will be evacuated by TCN transmission infrastructure.
He said that through this exportation of power, the Federal Government could earn more foreign exchange for national development.
Abdulaziz said TCN has deployed a high technology scheme as a stop-gap solution called Internet of Thing (IoT); and Virtual Private Network (VPN) to improve the national grid.


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