Telegram Hits 700 Million Users, Launches Premium Subscription-Based Service.

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Telegram has stated that it is able to reach a 700 million monthly active users milestone from personal recommendations. And without having to pay to advertise the app.

The cloud-based mobile and desktop app in its blog post said it will now launch Telegram Premium. A subscription that lets users support Telegram’s continued development as well as give access to exclusive additional features.

What Telegram is saying
The company said it believes the social media development should be driven primarily by its users, not advertisers. “This way our users will always remain our main priority,” It stated.

It also pointed out that the Premium subscriptions help Telegram pay not only for the additional expenses of premium features but also support the free version of Telegram for everyone.
With the inclusion of additional features that allow faster download, 4GB upload, voice to text and a host of others, Telegram said the update is being roll out gradually, noting that those who are yet to get an update will get it soon.


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