Walmart launches A.I.-powered virtual clothing try-on technology for online shoppers

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Last May, Walmart announced its acquisition of the virtual clothing try-on startup Zeekit, which leveraged a combination of real-time image processing, computer vision, deep learning and other A.I. technologies to show shoppers how they would look in an item by way of a simulation that takes into account body dimensions, fit, size and even the fabric of the garment itself. Today, Walmart says it’s bringing that technology to and its Walmart mobile app.

The retailer is introducing the computer vision neural network-powered “Choose My Model” try-on feature, now in beta, which will now allow Walmart customers to select a model that better matches their own appearance and body type. At launch, online shoppers will be able to choose from among 50 different models to find one who best reflects their own skin tone, height, and body shape, so they can get a better idea of how clothing would look on them.

These virtual models currently range in height between 5’2″ and 6’0″ and in sizes XS through XXXL. Walmart notes it will continue to expand its model selection over time, with plans to launch nearly 70 additional models in the weeks ahead to offer more variety in terms of sizes, skin tones, and even hair colors.

When shopping on or in the Walmart app, customers will now see prompts that say “Change my model” to select a model on the clothing item’s page if the new virtual try-on technology is available for that product. These prompts will appear across as well as on the iOS and Android mobile apps.


However, Walmart’s adoption of a virtual try-on feature could push the broader e-commerce industry to integrate similar technology inside their own websites and apps in the future.

–  Techcrunch

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