German cartel office steps up examination of Google products

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Germany’s cartel office examines Google’s use of personal data and its Google News Showcase product under its new powers to regulate internet companies

The regulator said on Wednesday it had determined that Google’s owner Alphabet (GOOGL.O) met the scale threshold required for a company to be subject to new extended supervisory powers to regulate large internet companies that it acquired last year.

He added that the office was also considering further cases involving Amazon , Apple (AAPL.O) and Facebook owner Meta (FB.O) .

“To the extent that changes are necessary, we will continue to work constructively with the Federal Cartel Office to find solutions that make it possible for people and businesses in Germany to continue using our products in ways that are helpful to them,” said the spokesperson.

The office began looking at Google’s use of personal data in May last year and at the selection of news offered under Google News Showcase.
– Reuters

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