Twitter Plans To Allow Space User Access Live Audio Session

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Social media giant, Twitter is improving on its functionality to allow Spaces users access live audio sessions through the web, without necessarily logging into the platform—a development that will allow those who are not on Twitter to listen in.

In addition to opening up Twitter Spaces to more people and giving the social media giant a better chance of reaching new users outside of its platform, the new functionality expectedly will give Twitter Spaces an edge over other social media platforms.

In the past few months, Twitter has introduced several features to streamline Spaces and garner more users. Recently, the company launched a Spaces recording feature to testers on iOS, with a global launch to follow. This new feature allows a host to select a new ‘record space’ setting before starting a live audio session, enabling listeners to playback at any time or re-share it themselves.

In addition, the social media giant launched a Spaces test that brings the dedicated Spaces Tab to Android users, alongside an update that brings easier DM invites. Also, to increase visibility, Twitter will feature popular Spaces in the “explore” tab on iOS.

Live audio grew in popularity amid the pandemic that saw people around the world confined to their homes, but as restrictions have been lifted in many countries and in-person events have returned, companies that offer live audio rooms are looking to retain users by launching new features and making conversations more accessible.

Clubhouse also recently updated its platform to better compete with its rivals, extending offerings to allow for asynchronous listening, which includes support for clips, replays and audio exports. Similarly, the company added support for 13 new languages, including French, German, and Hindi, amongst others.

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